Please don’t say “Happy Memorial Day” it’s Remembrance 2022

The observance and remembrance of our military war dead and those who died in service predates the American Civil War. More than 25 American towns claim to have originated this observance, and all are steeped in rich history. This holiday observance like many in America has taken on a life of its own. The phrase “Happy Memorial Day,” will be said millions of times, but this isn’t a happy day. Today we should all take pause and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, for the safety and security we enjoy as a nation each day.

Everything from cars to appliances will be discounted this weekend, but sadly so will the importance of this day if we don’t collectively make a point of sharing and explaining what Memorial Day is all about. More than 2.8 million Americans have died in service to our nation since the American Revolutionary War. So today isn’t a random celebration of a long weekend, it’s a celebration of the contributions and sacrifice of so many.

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