Christian Men that give me Hope for the Future – A FF7 Series

In my Christian journey around the meta sphere, I’ve encountered men of all ages that give me hope for the future. I’ll highlight these men and share a link to their online content.

Today we start with a look at Carew Ellington. This young man shares his Christian journey on Instagram. The photo of his Baptism is pinned to the top of his page. That’s your first clue that Carew is living his Christian life out loud for the world to see. He’s a living Bible and the first introduction to the scripture some have ever seen.

With over 293K followers on his Instagram account, Carew is undoubtedly positively impacting young (and old) people worldwide. I think we all have to ask ourselves are we impacting lives in a positive Christian way? Is it apparent to our friends on social media that being a Christian is core to who we are?

Take a look at Carew’s page and see if it doesn’t leave you smiling and thanking God for public expressions of faith.